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Providing exceptional moving service takes talent – yours. Paramount Moving is looking for extraordinary people to join our industry-leading team that defines high standards of moving. To join the exciting Paramount Moving family see our career options and their specifications below and we would love to hear from you!


A Mover is the face of our company, therefore we are looking for someone presentable, honest and caring that will value our company standards and the client’s home or business.

Qualifications and Responsibilities:

  • help prepare and pack customers’ items to prevent damage during transit;
  • able to work with tools and assemble and disassemble furniture;
  • able to lift, load and unload heavy boxes and items like furniture, pianos and pool tables;
  • arrange items in the truck and play life-size Tetris, to maximize the capacity and efficiency of the move, this ability is highly valued in this business and by the client;
  • Able to answer customers’ questions and address requests they have during the full moving process;
  • Having a positive attitude and a caring personality is what will make you shine and become a top-performing mover at Paramount Moving.


  • Moving: 1 year (Preferred), but we can/will provide training for the right fit.

Salary: $22-$25 per hour


A Driver position takes a strong, focused, responsible and punctual individual.

Qualifications and Responsibilities:

  • to drive the truck for local jobs and long-distance jobs;
  • you must be qualified and comfortable in operating heavy and large trucks of various sizes;
  • to operate the truck you must have a valid Class 5 Full driver’s license and demonstrate adequate driving experience;
  • previous truck/ large vehicle driving experience is an asset.
  • the driver is often the team leader on the job and must ensure that the team performance is professional, courteous and efficient;
  • you will be responsible to assist the movers with heavy lifting and participate throughout the moving process;

We put our trust in you with all the valued equipment placed in your hands and therefore your responsibility and professionalism will be what makes you a Paramount Moving valued family member.


  • Moving: 2 years (Preferred), but we can/will provide training for the right fit.

Salary: $25-$30 per hour

Crew Manager

As a crew manager, you must have some moving experience. Usually, this position is given to someone who has worked as a mover or a driver within the company and has earned the respect of the movers and the management team.

  • You will be a team leader of all the movers at your unit.
  • Moving Professionals will approach you for your advice, look for your assistance and rely on you for your extensive experience.
  • Professionally communicate and support the moving team while they are on the job to ensure that they have everything they need in order to complete a successful move.
  • You must assess the suitability of each staff member and assign them and the correct truck to the jobs where they can perform their best. You will also be responsible to discuss the schedule and availability of each mover.
  • You will be responsible to collect all paperwork, contracts and ensure all records are maintained accurately and payments are processed.
  • This position requires you to be an active listener, reliable, honest, patient and caring for each member of the operation.

Our Job opportunities are endless

It’s time to make your move. Positions range from entry-level to management and are created daily due to the rapid growth of our brand. The possibilities for career development and movement within the system are plentiful throughout British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.