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How to Find the Best Movers

Change: it’s a constant in life, especially when it comes to different kinds of moves.  When it comes time to move within Calgary, you will want to find a great company. You need to find a company where customers say, “You’re the best movers in Calgary!” You need to know you have found a company that understands the stresses of relocating, whether it’s from your home or your office space to another location. It’s a challenging situation. Let’s look at what questions you need to ask or important facts you need to consider when trying to find the best movers in our town. At Paramount Moving we go above and beyond to provide our clients with exceptional moving services and keep our title as “one of the best movers”.

1. Where do I start to look for the best movers?

Using a search engine you trust, look for customer recommendations, search out quotes of costs from different companies,  look at the different websites and see what services are available to you. In this day of rising economic pressure and competition, claims may be made that may not be quite true or even deceptive. With this post, we will give you some strategies to use to help you find the best home moving company in the Calgary area.

2. Is the company licensed?

Every reliable mover must be licensed. This license gives you, the customer, the confidence that the mover you choose has been confidently approved to operate within the City of Calgary and beyond. If you choose to save money by using a company that is not licensed only because they will cost much or work with your schedule,  you face the danger that your precious belongings and vital office equipment will be poorly transported causing damage, will be lost, or even…yes…kept from you and held for a kind of ransom.  Choosing a licensed mover will give you peace of mind that each box, crate, or piece of equipment will be handled carefully and professionally, shipped to your new home or office safely So when looking around for the best movers, check out their website or even ask an independent representative to find out that company’s licensing information.

3. How open, how transparent is the company with information?

To begin with, make sure that each company name you have found also has a web page. It may not be fancy, or even attractive, but the information is there for you to examine.  The company may have just gotten started and does not yet have the funds to get a better-looking website, but they tell you where you can call, or what email you can use to connect to them.  new, and still did not have a web page. But, check it further! Figure out if there is more information to find, call them, visit them, and ask around about them. Next, If you decide to call a moving company, and the name of the company is not used when the receptionist answers the phone, this is another signal: be careful!

4. How well does this company know Calgary and other places?

Calgary itself is an unusual city. Its land area is considered to be the largest in North America. It is subject to very sudden changes in weather conditions. It has a major cross-country highway passing through it and a major north-south corridor to the capital of the province, Edmonton. We have numerous villages, towns, and smaller cities with features unique to each one.  You need to be sure the movers you choose know these unique features of Calgary. The stress of moving is great enough, but the ever-changing conditions in Calgary need to be known by the moving company you choose. They need to know about Calgary’s road system and ways of accessing different kinds of communities in different parts of the city. We have regulations unique to this city, such as snow routes, and the famous right-hand turn on a red light.

Your moving companies should know these situations very well because some fail in this area.  In Calgary, the best mover should know all these things, and even more, when it comes to moving you from home to home.

5. Is this company insured? Best Movers are always insured.

A trustworthy moving company should be insured. With so many different kinds of movers, check to see if the company you choose has a Certificate of Insurance (COI), which can be examined to see if it is both legal and up-to-date. Avoid any moving company that is hesitant to talk about insurance or does not have a COI at all. Your belongings are at stake, so asking this question will be one more step to protect them. Also, you can check BBB Accreditation.

6. How will this company help me with packing and unpacking? How will they help with any setup I need?

The best moving company should have skills for both packing and unpacking. They should also be able to set up your belongings in your new home or office location.  If you are not able to afford the packing service of the company,  an excellent moving company will provide you with information to help you pack things yourself. This may involve recommending the best materials for the move and how to wrap or box your various personal or office items. More than that, the best movers will be in constant communication with you, finding out the unique aspects of your move, whether you only have a day or a weekend or even certain hours when you can move.

7. How well does the mover know where I am going?

A first-rate moving company needs to be experienced in relocating locations in Calgary. “The Hospitality City” is both a historic and modern city.  Some buildings are decades old with unique windows and doors. Few locations are even a century old, with narrow hallways and winding stairs. Some homes and offices are brand-new in-fills with steep staircases and high-tech facilities. The furniture or equipment may be challenging to move into your new space. However,  this excellent moving company has experience and expertise in moving all these things you need in and out of multi-levelled structures and apartments with several floors when there is no elevator.  The best movers are confident that they can move anything, anywhere, and into any space.

8. Is this moving company concerned about keeping things clean?

Calgary has pest control issues of its own. However, the premier moving company knows how to take care of these health issues. With the advent of COVID-19, an up-to-date professional moving company should know what sanitizing procedures need to be done. To ensure that you are reasonably safe from viral transmissions or contaminations. Areas around Calgary also have different health and pest concerns. The first-rate moving company is skilled in dealing with even these challenges. In short: the best moving company takes cleanliness seriously.

9. What will the move cost us?

Any move will cost money, but some moves may be more expensive,  so you need to partner with a premier moving company that will be fair in estimating costs for you. There will be more expenses depending on the distance travelled, the time of year, and the number of items being moved. Choose a company that is clear about what things will cost and why. These are good questions to ask the agent representing that moving company. Avoid using cheap moving companies.

This initial quote should be free; if not, move on to a different company. The pricing should be fair and transparent. Estimate your budget, then begin to ask the questions and watch out for indirect answers to your direct questions.

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