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At Paramount Moving, we are Calgary student movers, who help our student population to move out of or into campus facilities or short-term residences. In addition to being a business moving, residence moving, and seniors’ moving company, we are also a student moving company using our professional moving skills to match student budgets. For over five years, we have brought together an excellent team of skillful, professional, reliable, innovative, and supportive people. Our services have been developed to help students deal well with the stress of moving from one residence to the next. 

Contact and learn about the services and advice we can offer. 

After you contact us and talk about the services you can use with us, you can be sure that you have made an excellent decision to work with us. 

High-level student moving services in Calgary from Paramount Moving

Count on these with Paramount Moving:

  1. Innovative moving skills:

With wide-ranging experience, we are well-known for working with various moving challenges and resolving them effectively and as economically as possible.

  1. Budget-sensitive and transparent billing services:

Choosing any reputable moving company is a significant investment. Even so, when you contact Paramount Moving, we will give you a quote that will cover what you will need for a safe, efficient, and economical move. If any changes are needed, we will keep you informed. Check out our website and see what our other clients felt about our moving service.

  1. Professional packing service:

It may be heavy books, oversized desks, or delicate computer equipment, but it’s all good for us. Hire us and use our custom packing services. We believe you will feel less moving stress as you watch us protect, wrap, pack, and then unpack, all your belongings. 

  1. Comprehensive insurance

For us, accidents are very rare but can happen. Once again, it is our goal to give you a less stressful move. Therefore, we offer the same insurance for our Calgary student moving services as we do our regular business and home moves to cover any accidents. Set your mind at rest–your belongings are safe with us.

  1. A commitment to client satisfaction

With five key values to guide us, at Paramount Moving we are committed to providing an efficient, safe, and professional moving service for our student clients. These core values have given us an excellent reputation as one of Calgary’s premier movers –and that includes our student moving service. 

Other services and advice to help you

Professional student moving company advice

Much like people moving from one home to another, you are moving away from your own kind of home into another kind of home. 

Here are some other services and words of advice our student moving company can offer to help you:

  • Start to go through the belongings in your room and make three separate areas or categories:
    • Things to take: Your books, clothes, some furniture.
    • Things to pass on or donate: Extra clothes, non-essential books and small items that you can give to family members, relatives, or friends.
  • Things to recycle or send to a landfill: Cups, jars, or containers that hold pens, pencils, paper clips, and other desk items; broken items or other bits of garbage around your room. 
  • Make a kind of calendar or schedule to help you keep on track as you prepare for your move.  
  • Keep us updated on any changes to your plans or schedule. We’ll work with you when we know about those changes. Sudden changes can create a longer and possibly more expensive move.
  • Count on us to be punctual and friendly. Our goal is to help you move from location to location efficiently and free of as much stress as possible. We want to get you out of one place and into another as quickly as possible. We know you need to use your precious time for studies, and need to get used to your new residence as quickly as possible.

 Check us out at Paramount and get to know one of Calgary’s premier student moving companies.