Packing Services in Calgary


Paramount Packing Services in Calgary gives you peace of mind knowing your belongings are being packed and stored with care.

Any successful move starts with a successful packing job. Using proper packing paper,  padding, and boxes, following recommended procedures, are vital in order to protect your belongings. We encourage you to try to pack things yourself, but some things require professional attention.

What does our packing company in Calgary offer to clients?

We offer all of the packing supplies you’ll need, including specialty boxes, packing tape, bubble and stretch wrap, and other high-quality boxes to help you get the job done right. Moreover, you can check our moving tips for packing advice and suggestions.
Although you may wish to pack the following items yourself, we recommend that we pack these for you and we will be happy to provide a free quote about this to eliminate your packing stress:

  • Flat Screen TVs / Computer monitors
  • Lamps / Special lighting
  • Electronics / Hard drives
  • Mirrors
  • Artwork and Sculptures
  • Glass or Marble Items

Professional home packing service from Paramount Moving

Our professionally-trained staff are not only experts in Calgary local moving services, but have extensive packing training, which ensures your belongings are safe and secure during the entire move. We can provide a free quote for this service should you require it, ensuring that we can work within your budget.

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How much does packing services cost from Calgary packing companies?

We are one of the premier packing companies Calgary residents turn to for reliable help.
Please consider the following guidelines to help you determine the cost of your packing needs.

  • 1 bedroom/studio apartment: $450 + cost of packing supplies 
  • 2-bedroom: $600-700 + cost of packing supplies
  • 3-bedroom: $1200 + cost of packing supplies
  • 4+ bedroom house: $1800 + cost of packing supplies

If you have special concerns or needs, contact us.

How to order Calgary packing services?

There are three ways you can contact Paramount Moving, a home packing service Calgary homeowners recommend to each other:  

connect with us through our website

Why choose our company for professional packing services?

Wth Paramount Moving, one of Calgary’s premier packing services, you can expect:

  • professional damage-free packing
  • skills to handle heirlooms, delicate furnishings, and hard-to-pack items
  • professional service with time-saving and budget-saving planning
  • wide-ranging experience and much expertise
  • strategies to reduce the stress of packing
In which nearby Calgary towns does our company home packing service?

In addition to being a frequently recommended packing help Calgary residents  have come to rely on, we also offer our packing services for the following cities:

and to other cities. You can check out the full list here.

In which nearby Calgary towns does our company home packing service?

Our packing services are also available in these following towns:

and to other cities. You can check out the full list here.

How long does Calgary packing help take?

At Paramount Moving, one of the premier companies offering packing help for Calgary residents,  we use the following guidelines to determine how long it will take to pack specific residences:

  • 1-bedroom: 4 hours
  • 2-bedrooms: 5-6
  • 3 bedrooms: 7-8 hours
  • 4+ bedrooms, 8+ hours

If you have special concerns or needs, contact us.

What other services do our packers and movers offer?

For a complete listing of our services and what is   involved with each service, check out our website

How do I pay for packing services of Calgary packing companies?

At Paramount Moving,  payment is expected after all items have been packed and boxed and before our packing crew leaves.

We accept these standard payments:

  • credit/debit card
  • e-transfer
  • cheque
  • cash