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It happens: you need to move a refrigerator to a new residence, or get a washer and dryer to a relative’s house, or move a major appliance from one location to another.  It’s a tough job! There are all sorts of things to pay attention to, such wiring, pipes, or special hoses. Each situation is different, each one is a challenge for those with less experience. This is where Paramount Moving comes in.

We offer professional appliance moving services in Calgary, and we know all that it takes to move an appliance from one place to another. If you need help moving appliances, we’re the professionals you can depend on. Check us out at: and talk to us about the help you need moving appliances in Calgary.

Your appliance movers in Calgary that you can trust

As one of Calgary’s premier moving companies, moving appliances is part of our job. We are also experienced heavy appliance movers in Calgary.

At Paramount Moving, you can expect:

  1. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: With well over 5 years of experience moving appliances out of offices and residences, we can work through each moving challenge.
  2. INSURANCE: The same coverage for furniture also applies to your appliances.
  3. EXPERT PACKING: We provide packing services to make sure your stove arrives damage-free, just as much as your china cabinet.
  4. TRANSPARENT PRICING: We understand how much appliance movers cost, and we will work with your budget to help you. When you call us for a quote, we will offer you a price that you can count on.

If you need to know more about relocating your appliance with Paramount Moving, go to our website to contact us to get a quote:


Much like a china cabinet, appliances are also considered to be delicate as well. Although it may look less obvious, if handled poorly, there are parts inside appliances that may be damaged and require costly repairs. This is something we understand at appliance moving company Paramount Moving. With our full-service moving package, you can have less stress about the different parts of the move, such as:

  • Transporting: We use various dollies to move appliances safely and securely from place to place. Most appliances are heavy to move and can cause serious back, leg, and arm pain if not moved properly.
  • Securing: You will see us use various kinds of straps or ropes to make sure your appliance is securely moved, stored, and then moved to its new location.
  • Protecting: In addition to using something called “runners” to protect the floors in your home, we also use other kinds of materials to protect your home and appliances.
  • Packing: Over the years, we have learned the best way to pack up appliances. We know the best kind of packing materials to use for each appliance we move.


We are sensitive to your time, so these are some things we suggest our customers do to help cut down on time

  • If possible, clean the appliance that is to be moved.
  • If you are going to move a refrigerator, be sure to clean it out.
  • If you are confident to disconnect the appliances from water and electrical outlets, we recommend that.
  • If you are moving a stove, remove any foil under the burners.

Choose professional appliance movers in Calgary

Each location is different, every customer is different. As such, All our quotes are based on our conversation with you and what we have to offer. We will keep all our fees in the open, and we will keep everything clear. Professional appliance movers in Calgary give quality service, and we will give a price to reflect that quality.

We are Paramount Movers: Confident, Careful, Courteous

Our team at Paramount Movers is confident in our hard-earned reputation. We have extensive experience working with all kinds of clients in a variety of locations within the Greater Calgary area. Paramount Moving have the skills needed to move all kinds of households and their appliances. We will do all we can to reduce your stress about the mental and physical work needed for this move. So, put your mind at ease. We will make sure your home life keeps running as seamlessly as possible prior to and during your move. Check us out at our website to get to know more about one of Calgary’s premier moving companies.

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Furniture and Fragile Items Protection (Wrapping)




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We have helped to move hundreds of Canadian families and businesses into their new residential and business communities.



For you, this means we are reliable, trustworthy, and professional, confident with every move.

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