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img K.I.S.S.: Keeping it Super Simple: 15 Moving Hacks to Help You

You’ve made the decision: you are going to move. We understand how overwhelming making a move can become. After servicing hundreds of customers, we have picked up a number of helpful tips to keep your move from becoming a stress-filled nightmare. We’d like to give you 15 hacks or hints to help you that are […]

img Protect Yourself from Moving Scams

There is a  well-known saying in the world: “Forewarned is forearmed.”  Knowing what has happened to others helps you to avoid what may happen to you. This is especially true for scams. There are all kinds of them. Scams are not only limited to being promised prizes or getting special inside information about get-rich-quick schemes. […]

img Choosing the Best Season for the Move

At Paramount Moving, we often hear this question: Which is the best season to move? We agree on the benefits of each season, but we also explain the drawbacks.  Winter may be cheaper, but it’s really cold; spring may be warmer, but you may have less time; summer may be easier with longer days, but […]

img Are Moving expenses tax deductible?

Whether it’s end-of-year preparations or close to tax-time, we may find ourselves asking the hard questions about our way of life, and taxes is one of them. More specifically, the question: “Are moving expenses deductible?” So…what is the answer? As with many things, there is no definitive “yes” or “no,” but an answer that is […]

img How To Move from One House to Another

Moving to a new location is a very exciting time, as you consider the new possibilities that your new home can offer. But this can also be a stressful time, as you need to transport all your possessions to your new place.  Usually, there are two options you have when moving. You can either be […]

img Furniture Disassembly Service

Can you take it apart…and put it back together? Concerns about disassembling and reassembling furniture Your bed is…big! Your china cabinet is delicate! Your treadmill is complicated. …and they all have to be moved! You wonder: I can’t take them apart, but can the moving company I hire do that for me? Do I need […]

img Blended Lives: A Quick Guide for Moving in Together

For whatever reason, you have come to that place in your life when you are entering into a new kind of lifestyle: a “shared household” or “blended living.” You have lived well enough on your own, perhaps, but now that chapter of your life is ending and you are starting a new chapter, and you […]

img How to Book an Elevator for a Move

You have taken a big step… now it’s time to book an elevator in advance for your move. You are going to move out of your residence into either an apartment or condominium and you’re starting to make that important list of things to do. You’ve hired a professional moving company–check;  made your moving budget–check; got […]

img Affordable Movers in Calgary

At Paramount Moving, we like to reframe our thinking: we are “budget-friendly.” We find ways to give you a quality experience of moving, that matches the realistic budget we have worked on together. We know ways to help you work through the stress of a move, from hiring the right movers to obtaining quality moving […]

img Moving Company Reviews Analysis

“This was the best moving experience–ever!” Moving Company Reviews…and you! When YOU have the power! We live in an era promoting positivity. Great reviews of products and services, from banks to dentists, from tiny ice cream stores to multi-store franchises, are eagerly requested and encouraged by customers and clients.  Moving companies rely on great reviews, […]