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Welcome to Paramount Moving – Calgary’s Local Movers

Calgary Local Movers that providing quality moving servicesAt Paramount Moving Services, Calgary’s local moving company, we know firsthand how exciting it is to live in a new place…fresh paint, new lawn, beautiful garden, and a chance to create even better memories! It’s a wonderful moment! Moving there, however, is another matter.

Why? Moving can be incredibly stressful. It doesn’t matter whether it is down the street, in the same neighbourhood, on the other side of the city, or in a completely different part of the country—it can be a hassle. We are local movers who have helped out clients work through these challenges. Yes, there are so many things to plan, materials to buy, items to pack, as well as other issues surrounding your move: daycare, doctors, dog parks–it’s quite a list! We at Paramount Moving, will walk with you step by step as you plan and carry out your future move.

Then there is the cost. We at Paramount Moving know you need a team of planners and moving professionals. As local movers we are eager and skilled to guide you through all these things…and many more concerns…at a reasonable price that is suited for your particular situation.

Professional Help at an Affordable Price

At Paramount Moving, one of Calgary’s premier moving services, we are aware of all these things. As experienced professionals, we are familiar with all challenges of moving so that they will not be a challenge to you. That’s why, as a local moving company, we’re dedicated to help you manage your relocation stress at an affordable price.

We’re like your neighbours…neighbours with lots of skills.

The Aim of Paramount Moving Services

Sound almost too good to be true? It isn’t. We are Calgary’s local movers, and we are committed to providing an exceptional client experience, from your first phone call to our last wave goodbye as we leave you at your new home.

This is who we are and what we believe.

What Paramount Moving Services Offers

Now, you might be thinking, “Paramount Moving looks good, so what will this moving company near me offer?”

At Paramount Moving we:

  • customize our services to fit your moving needs;
  • provide helpful advice and assistance from start to finish;
  • assist you from loading your very first box to unloading the last.

What You can Expect from these Local Movers

With our moving services, it is our primary aim to make your moving experience as free from stress as possible. As Calgary’s local moving company, we’re also built on trust. It’s a trust gained from satisfied clients. Why? It’s because we know Calgary, and also the unique moving situations that can arise. We know what to expect, how to work with all kinds of situations, and how to ease you of any rising concerns you may have.

Local Movers Who Understand You and Your Home

Knowing who will move you matters. Paramount Moving understands how precious your home is to you. Perhaps you may be moving out of a small condo or a 5-bedroom home. You may be leaving a home full of memories or getting out of an apartment that has simply grown too small…it doesn’t matter. You can rely on this Calgary-based moving company which offers a full line of moving services.

A Final Word from Paramount Moving Services

The services we provide at Paramount Moving include all moves performed within the Greater Calgary area and nearby towns and cities around Calgary.

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Easy Process

Step 1

Book a Date and Add-Ons

Step 2

We Pick Up Your Items

Step 3

We Deliver and Unload Your Items

Step 4

Share Your Experience With Others

What is included?

Professional Movers

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

Registered and Insured Services

Furniture and Fragile Items Protection (Wrapping)




96% of our clients express confidence about recommending our services to their own friends and associates.



We have helped to move hundreds of Canadian families and businesses into their new residential and business communities.



For you, this means we are reliable, trustworthy, and professional, confident with every move.

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